Papa John's 10 miler Papa John's 10 miler Starbucks...again! Yes...another early morning @ Starbuck's before the race! They know us by our first name now!! 152594613 Getting ready Stampede getting ready at the start line! 152594609 Papa John's 10 miler What a beautiful start! 152594614 Michael and his Dad Yes! Michael is a 4th grader! He grew wings and flew through the 10 miler!! Way to go buddy! 152594612 Avery's 1st Papa John's 10 miler This girl is strong to the finish!! 10 miles! No problem!! 152594608 Finishing in Papa John's Stadium! Katy, Clara and Haley running to the finish!! Way to go girls! 152594611 Papa John's 10 miler finish! Hmmm....yes boys will be boys! WE are talking to you Mark and Jeff! 152594615 Papa John's 10 miler finish Great job Neal! Getting faster every year!! 152594616 Papa John's finish Way to go Tim!! What a PR!!! Congrats! 152594617 At the finish line!!! Great day for a great race!! The Stampede rolls through the 10 miler!! Congrats!! 152594610